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Admitted: Health Insurance Requirements

Please Read Carefully

Updated: April 11, 2024

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all MCAD students are required to be enrolled in an ACA-compliant health insurance policy. Domestic MFA and undergraduate students are no longer required to purchase health insurance through MCAD if they do not have their own policy (international students must purchase through MCAD). Therefore students will need to find their own health insurance coverage.

For convenience, MCAD is offering a plan through United Health, which is available to MFA and undergraduate students, and is required of all degree-seeking international students. International students will automatically be enrolled in the MCAD plan.

Information and enrollment can be found on Gallagher's website. The United Health Plan is $3294 for 12 months (starting in August 2024) and is charged to your student account to be paid in the first semester. Spring starting students will have a pro-rated premium. The Gallagher website will be active for the fall semester on June 5.

Other resources with information about purchasing your own health insurance:

Insurance policies held outside of MN (ie Out-of-state Medicare/Medical) may not provide full medical coverage in Minnesota. Check with your policy regarding coverage in Minnesota. 

Students may also want to consider purchasing tuition insurance. Tuition insurance will cover tuition expenses if a student needs to withdraw from school unexpectedly due to physical and/or mental health issues. Tuition insurance is purchased directly through GradGuard and not through MCAD. There is more information on under the Student Accounts page and GradGuard's website.