Tuition Reimbursement Through Your Employer | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Tuition Reimbursement Through Your Employer

If you intend to work while earning your MA, ask your employer if tuition reimbursement is available to you.

MCAD's online master of arts (MA) degrees are designed for students who wish to continue working full- or part-time while enrolled. Some MCAD students have successfully organized tuition reimbursement through their employers, alleviating some or all of the costs of MCAD tuition.

Tuition reimbursement policies vary greatly based on your place of employment.

Employers/companies may:

  • not offer any reimbursement;
  • reimburse education costs within a discipline relevant to the business; or
  • reimburse anywhere from 50 to 100 percent of all expenses, regardless of relevance.

Please contact your place of employment's Human Resource Department for more information. MCAD is happy to provide your employer with more information on the MA, including course descriptions and skills learned. Contact for more information.