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Sculpture: Potential Careers

MCAD Career Development can help you find work and help employers find you. In addition to job listings, the staff is available to meet one-on-one with students and alumni to assist with career development. Services include assistance writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and other professional correspondences; career exploration and industry research; interviewing practice; networking strategies; and industry-specific practices.


Crafts objects from a variety of materials into works of art.

Art Critic

Cultivates an informed opinion and unique voice. Puts what’s new into context to entertain and inform readers.

Foundry Manager

Casts new materials and new products every day. Coordinates production schedules, staff, and resources.

Installation Artist

Creates site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space, such as temporary and permanent installations in museums, galleries, public and private spaces.


Teaches through doing and trains students to find the unique moments that combine maximum creativity and focus.

Sculpture Installation Consultant

Works with public and private clients to research, identify, secure, and install sculptural works. Assists with calls for proposals. Visits artist studios and galleries. Collaborates with landscape architects.

Fiber Artist

Creates artworks in which the material primarily consists of natural and synthetic fibers and other components, such as fabric and yarn. Focuses on the material and the artist's manual labor as part of the work's significance.

Glass Artist

Shapes and molds blobs of molten glass into vessels and other shapes.

Ceramic Artist

Makes clay and porcelain objects, such as dishes, vases, tiles, and figurines.