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Graphic and Web Design: Potential Careers

MCAD Career Development can help you find work and help employers find you. In addition to job listings, the staff is available to meet one-on-one with students and alumni to assist with career development. Services include assistance writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and other professional correspondences; career exploration and industry research; interviewing practice; networking strategies; and industry-specific practices.

Graphic Designer

Develops graphics and layouts for products, companies, ideas, and websites. Takes information, some of which can start out abstract, and turns it into compelling visual information for particular audiences. Often requires working within a set of brand guidelines.

Web Designer

Works with clients and creative teams to create the look and feel of multiple pages on a website. Uses several programs to create designs and animation

User-Experience (UX) Designer

Sets up, runs, and reports on all aspects of qualitative and quantitative, user-experience research.

Art Director

Works with a client to create graphics for consumer advertising campaigns and product promotion. Gives presentations and develops liaisons with new clients. Develops market research and plans promotional campaigns. Handles all aspects of studio work on a freelance or staff basis. Designs graphics for use in films and television, storyboards, computer graphics, art direction, set design, advertising, promotional design work, and film titles.

Front-End Developer

Requires technical background in programming in several computer languages, concentrating on creating interactivity between visual elements rather than visual creation.

Account Director

Works as the link between the agency and the client. Depending on the size of the agency and the size of the account, works individually or oversees a team. Pitches the agency's advertising campaign developed with clients to meet needs and goals. Understands client's products, sales process, market, competitors, and previous advertising campaigns.