Pre-College Student Profile: Josie Thune | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Pre-College Student Profile: Josie Thune

September 20, 2021
Portrait of Josie Thune

What surprised you the most about the Pre-College Summer Session?

The Pre-College Summer Session really surprised me by the amount of content we were able to cover. In class we covered everything from basics of typography to the broad variety of tools included with adobe software. The class covered so much information and really prepared me for college level design classes.

What aspect of the program has had the biggest impact on you?

This program really prepared me for applying to art schools for college. I not only got free feedback on my submitted portfolio by admissions staff but I also made so much artwork that I am excited to add into my portfolio that show the variety of work I can do.

How has your artistic practice changed from being a part of the program?

Before going to the Pre-College Summer Session I had never had a formal drawing class and having that really gave me a new process to my artwork. I found a new love for pencil and paper drawing that I didn’t know I had before. The Pre-College Summer Session has really opened me up to expanding my artistic reach and helped me get some of the fundamentals I was lacking before the program. 

What was your favorite experience, outside of the classroom?

Being able to walk to the grocery store or dinner with friends was so incredibly fun and a perfect way to take a break from a long day. I especially loved going out for coffee in the mornings and boba in the afternoons.  

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about coming to the Pre-College Summer Session?

My biggest piece of advice for someone who is thinking about coming to the Pre-College Summer Session would be to have confidence in yourself. Whether you are nervous about applying or going to class, the biggest things to remember are that the Pre-College Summer Session is a learning opportunity and all the students, teachers, and staff are there to support you in your artistic journey. There is no one way to be an artist and the diversity in art is truly appreciated by everyone at The MCAD Pre-College Summer Session.