2022-23 Annual Report | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2022-23 Annual Report

annual report


Dear Friends
and Supporters,


It’s that time of the year when I have the privilege of sharing MCAD’s 2022–2023 Annual Community Report with you–our friends and supporters of MCAD. MCAD is more than just an 11-acre urban campus. For 137 years the positive impact of MCAD has been recognized wherever our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are located. We are woven into the creative and cultural fabric of the Twin Cities and beyond. We are makers, leaders, innovators, and culture bearers. We know that the arts and design provide the connective tissue for all resilient communities.

We continue to celebrate significant achievements and honor our promise to support every MCAD student. Our record retention rates point to the effectiveness of these initiatives, from our innovative first-year experience program to our expanded student support services. We recently purchased an apartment building adjacent to campus to ensure available housing for our growing student population. Student success remains the cornerstone of all that we do. 

With more than 97% of MCAD students receiving financial aid, donor support is crucial for student persistence and success. Almost one quarter of our students are the first in their family to attend college. I am proud and grateful to say that this fall nearly 260 students received a donor-funded scholarship with an average award amount of $4,475.

Your generosity towards MCAD changes students’ lives; you help students’ goals become a reality. We are so grateful for your continued support for MCAD.

sanjit sethi

Sanjit Sethi


annual report


annual report


"I can't quite put into words what this place means to me. I feel like I have found a home here at MCAD. This scholarship has supported and motivated me to follow my dreams of becoming an artist and MCAD graduate." – Graphic Design, Sophomore

annual report


Our Guiding Principles

annual report


MCAD emboldens creative leaders to collaboratively transform society through equity, empathy, and imagination.

annual report


MCAD provides a transformative education within a community of support for creative students of all backgrounds to work, collaborate, and lead with confidence in a dynamic, interconnected world.

MCAD students become

  • Accomplished makers and scholars
  • Equity-minded problem solvers 
  • Critical, conceptual thinkers
  • Inclusive, collaborative partners
  • Empathic listeners
  • Creative storytellers
  • Engaged citizens within a global context


  • Transformational Ideas and Actions that emerge from the intersection of creativity, culture, and equity.
  • Collaborative Community that supports both independent achievements and collective successes.
  • Empathetic Leadership that integrates humility, inclusivity, curiosity, and foresight to fuel change. 
  • Multifaceted and Complex Identities that embody diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. 
  • Experiential Learning that embraces generative processes, critical discourse, and an iterative methodology to achieve academic, institutional, and individual excellence.

What is a Creative Leader? 

annual report

Creative Leadership unleashes the power of all art and design practitioners to change society by imagining what’s possible through new ideas, creative expression, experimentation, collaboration, and action.

Cash Gifts

Thank you to our generous donors who support MCAD students by funding academic programs and scholarships. More than 97% of MCAD students rely on financial aid, including scholarships, to make ends meet. Donors strengthen the MCAD educational experience by increasing financial support, enhancing our facilities, providing the best learning environment possible, and emphasizing our vision of transforming the world through innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

*Gifts noted below were received June 1, 2022, through May 31, 2023*

annual report


Condon Family
Cy DeCosse '52 and Paula DeCosse
Jerome Foundation
McKnight Foundation
Corey Sauer


Alliss Educational Foundation


Monica L. Little '78 and Mark B. Abeln '81
Best Buy
The Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation
ECMC Foundation
Garth Greenan Gallery Inc.
Lynn Golberstein '96, MFA
Head Family Foundation
Rachael Scherer and Steve Imholte
Janet Jones
Minnesota Private College Fund
Mortenson Family Foundation - Alice Mortenson
Frederick and Eleanor C. Winston


Mary and Bruce W. Bean
Calmenson Foundation
Clinton Morrison Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Faegre Drinker
Hindman Auctions
Judy and Kent Hodder
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
KNOCK inc.
Heather and Richard Mattera
Leni and David E. Moore, Jr.
Kate and David Mortenson
Drs. Marion Parke and D. Wilkin Parke III
Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Larry Schoenecker
Smaby Family Foundation


Laura and J.J. Austrian
Bank of America
Margot and Chris Barry
Blu Dot
Liz Barrere and Dennis Cass
Cuningham Group Architecture
Elliot Felix
Dean and Alice Fjelstul '96, MFA
Kathryn and James Ganley
Cindy and Greg Heinemann
Larkin Hoffman
Kirsten Brady and Greg J. Hoffman '92
Sarah '82 and B. John Lindahl, Jr.
Dalana Space LLC - Tara K. and Sundeep Dev
Longview Foundation
Terry Saario and Lee Lynch
Darren Miles
Mary and Clinton H. Morrison
Martha B. Dayton and Thomas Nelson
Lisa F. Fredrikson and Todd R. Paulson
Amy and Mark Pihlstrom
PKA. Architecture
Catherine Simmons-Gill
Smithmier Family Giving Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Karen Bohn and Gary Surdel
Priti and Rajiv Tandon
Rosemary Ugboajah
Greg Van Bellinger
West Photo
David Winton Bell Foundation
Hunter and Adam Wright


Cyndy and John Bowlsby
Cannon Family Foundation
Cinda J. Collins
Tara and Joe Corbett
Teri and Robert Crosby –
        The Longview Foundation
Carrie Fryman
InUnison Design, Inc
J.E. Dunn Construction
Ginny and Henry C. Llop
Carol and Aaron Mack
Emily Galusha and Donald McNeil
Tiffanea and Jeff Mulder
Julia Morrison Palmer and Brian Palmer
Anne and Scott Pollock
Revere Auctions
Andrea Eis '81 and Steven Rost '80
Fox Rothschild
Streeter Custom Builder
The Creative Partners Group
Roman J. Verotsko
Winter Seminar
Amy and Jim* Wolford


Jennifer Scruton and Bradford Berling '99
Stefan and Ute Bertog '05
Blanks Family Fund of
        The Minneapolis Foundation
Mary C. and Fredrick Bliss
Diana Walton Brashears
Patrick Butler
Nayana Jha and Michael Cain
Martin Friedman and Peggy
        Casey-Friedman-Schwab Charitable
Kirsten and Joseph A. Cecere '92
Erica Berven, MD and Ed Charbonneau '06, MFA
Brian and Stephanie Childs
Georgia and Patrick Cochrane
Craig Fields and Debra L. Cohen '78
Sally and John Cuningham
Katie DeCosse
Liz Dodson '50
Mary C. Dolan - The Longview Foundation
Driscoll Foundation
Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation
Nancy and Rolf Engh
Engibous-Ryan Charitable Fund Engibous-Ryan Charitable Fund
Benigno Aguilar and Gerald Erickson, Jr.
Barry Fick
Rose Francis Foundation
Christine and Ron Frisk
Eric Gartland
Toni Glotter '78
David Goldes
Kevin Armstrong and Lisa Goldson Armstrong
        Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Martha H. Gould Fund of the
        Minneapolis Foundation
Lili Hall Scarpa
Emily V. Harris

Anne and Mark Hooley
HRK Foundation
James Korein and Barbara Iams-Korein '75
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation
Sheila Kennedy Fund of The
        Minneapolis Foundation
D. B. Kim '86
Sarah Borchers and Brian Kingsley
Allan T. Kohl
Willow and Josh Kreibich
Dr. John C. and Searcy T. Lillehei
        Fund at Schwab Charitable
Caroline B. and James B. Loken
Betsy and John Massie
Rita Mehta
Jerry and Tony Miner
Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation
Sarah Doebler and Tim Myers
Pamela and Ross Phelan
Bill Phelps
Rowena and Charles Pitschka
Robert Dingmann and Ethan Reynolds
Emily Kessler and Aaron Rupar
Jim Rustad Charitable Fund of
        Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Debra and James Ryman '65
Laurent Saloff-Coste
Rik Sferra
Linda and Jesse Singh
Susan and James Skorey
Marcelyn J. and William B. Smale, Jr.
Elena and Ken Sparling
Suwandi and Theis Charitable Fund
        at Schwab Charitable
Melissa and Douglas Van Ornum '93
Andrea Walker
Margaret Wurtele


Tom Bodine
Elizabeth Butler
Linda and George Chryssomallis
ECOccasion - Kristen (Borders) Nottingham '97
Mightycause Charitable Foundation
Kirk Gelatt
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Alyssa Goolsby
Mathew Hedman
Nancy Hernke
Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch
Melissa and Matthew Huybrecht
Ann Merrill '83 and Daniel J. Jurgens '81
Krista Klander
Ethan Larson
Ernest and Sarah Lehmann Family Fund

Vince Leo
Allison Long '04
RJ Marquez
Jeffrey Myers
Anne and Patrick Regan
Stevie Rexroth
Elizabeth Larsen and Walter Schleisman
Segall Bryant & Hamill
Grace D. Sferra
Jordana and Rob Sherer
Prospect Refuge Studio
Jeffrey and Mary Werbalowsky Fund
        of the Jewish Community Foundation
Karen M. Wirth
Jennifer Zuccola


Ann Anderson
Christian Armstrong
Ann Ashton-Piper
Kari A. and David E. Augdahl
Tom and Mary Pat Bailey
An T. Barnes '90
Scout Bennett
Margaret Billings
Kevin and Sara Byrnes
Karen Stockert '85 and Russ Childers
Kerry and Jeff Ciardelli-Chavelier
Megan Clawson
Annie Gillette Cleveland and Fritz Cleveland
Corwin Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Dayton King Foundation
Danny Della Lana
Devon and James Diebel
Andrew Donaldson
Mike H. Hansberry
Cindy and Jason Harlem '76
Carrie and Rich Higgins
Jenny and Win Hornig
Maryam Hosseinnia
Insight News Group
Mariah Jacobsen
Julie A. Jurrjens
Kelly Kita Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Christopher Koch
Edward F. Koss


Rick Laudon '79
Michael Meyer and Donna Lewis-Jones '85
Anna and Chris Lyon
Hannah Mack
Ms. Joyce Ann Matejcek
Judy and Malcolm W. McDonald Family
        Charitable Fund Fidelity
Cole Rogers and Carla McGrath
Medtronic Foundation
Sarah Petersen
John S. Reay
Cheryl Bock and Kevin Rehnberg
Dawn and Brian Reid
Megan and Jonathan Rogers
Margot and Alexander Rosenstein
Maureen C. and T. Gordon Rudd, Jr.
Stephen Rueff
Amber Serwat
Lucy and Stanley Shepard
Aika Shoo
Elizabeth Smith
Roderic Southall
Sharon Teska
Janette Walker
Carolyn J. Swiszcz '94 and Wilson R. Webb '95
Ann Westra
Susan and Robert W. White
Nancy Zeis
Sue Zelickson


Aimee Dayhoff
Alex Doty-Harper '14
Amelia J. and John G. Engberg
Andy Baird '76
Angelos and Terryle Siderakos
Ann L. and Bruce G. Mars
Ann Rillera
Annette M. Langford
Antra Jansons-Pakalns '65
Barbara A. Brust '81
Barbara and James Merten
Beverly W. Sandbaken
Bonnie Wittenburg and Steven Suppan
Cara Pomponio
Carol and Jim Eubanks
Carole Gorney Fisher '64
Caroline Lilienthal
Catherine Andre '78
Catherine Jordan
Charles Malkerson
Chris Claude
Christiane Grauert '99, MFA and
        Santiago H. Cucullu '99, MFA
Cynthia E. Markle '65
Danita J. Connors-Smith
David Penchansky and
        Hend Al-Mansour '02, MFA
David R. Jacobs, Jr.
Debby and Dana K. Barnes
Deborah A. and David H. Novak '76
Denise Ingram
Dolores and Jim Garbarini
Don Myhre '61
Donald J. Heffron '80
Donna Holtan Halverstadt
Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl '07, MFA
Fern R. Keniston
Frannie and Jeff Kuhs
Gary Reetz
Gordon J. Rausch
Gregory L. McDaniels '68
Gunda Luss '66
Harriet Norgren
Heidi M. Libera '83
Helen Hartfiel and William F. Hartfiel, Jr.
Helen Mairs and Robert Mairs
Helmut and Mary Maier
Jake Parker
Jane A. and James F. Martin
Janet and Marty Merkt
Jean Thomson
Jeffrey Klon
Jenifer Bellefleur and Miguel Granger
Jennifer A. Caruso
Joan and George Carlson
John Durfey '70
Judith Amdur '74
Julie A. Roche
Justin P. Heideman '04
Justin T. Braem
K. Giblin '71
Katharine Mauer
Katherine Jones-Jirka '79 and Brad P. Jirka '76
Katherine Meehan and Emmett F. Carpel
Kathleen A. McKenzie
Kathryn M. and Marvin R. Braun
Kathryn Schadendorf
Katrin Loss '00
Kayla Campbell '16, MFA
Kelly McManus
Kenneth C. and Dawn M. Martin '60
Kevin Byrne
Kimberly and Robert Boisvert
Kinji Akagawa '68
Kitty Crain
Kristin Garwick
Lewis E. Shealy
Linda Brooks
Lois E. Meisch '78
Louis W. and K. M. Accola
Luciana and Giuseppe Pellizzer
Luciano Daitzchman '93
Lucy Thompson
Lyse Norian and Michael McClaflin
M. Borg Babcock
Mara Farnworth '61
Marcella J. and Frank D. Bode
Margaret Walwyn
Mark and Cheryl A. Watson '77
Mark Ristau
Martha L. Beery Milbery and Kevin Milbery
Mary and Dusty Mairs
Mary E. Reidhead
Mary M. Kazura '99 and Chris M. Gerber '02
Melissa C. Bean '76 and Scott R. Bean '72
Mercedes Martinez
Michael A. Carroll '68
Michael A. McClure
Ms. Mary and Mr. Leslie Morris
Ms. Randi L. Madden '98
Myra and Roger Greenberg
N C Huble, Jr.
Nancy Eustis
Natalie J. Kantor-Frank
Natasha Pestich
Nina Archabal
Paige Van Pelt
Pamela and John Ruprecht '76
Paula Jean Havranek
Paula M. Habib
Peter C. Rech and Deborah J. Nelson '74
Peter G. Rose '72
Richard K. Stanley '66
Robert Ransick and Blake Goble
Roberta Kitlinski
Rod and Jan Larson
Roger A. Rich '65
Sarah Donnelly '22 MA
Sarah W. Lehmann
Scott E. Stein '84
Scott E. Tomechko '96
Sharon Kaseric and George B. Kaseric '73
Sheryl Fay Knutson '66
Shirley A. and Richard D. Thompson
Shirley Kaplan
Sieng Lee
Steven J. Shapiro
Steven R. Mignone '76
Susan and James Hoseth
Susan and Robert Griggs
Susan Plahn
Suzanne and David Davison
Tammy Rae Verchota '82
Tempest (Baker) Kuykendall '71
The Art of Youth Foundation –
        Susan C. and Justin Kelly
Wendy Dayton
Wendy Lane '95, MFA
Woody Olsen '76
Xinran Hu '02, MFA
Zoe Zepp Alfveby '81
annual report


Auction Artists 2023

annual report

Thank you to the artists who have generously chosen to donate the proceeds from their artwork sold at The Auction @ MCAD to the scholarship fund.

Besty Alwin • Edgar Arceneaux • Allison Baker • Noy Balda • Kim Benson • Owen Brown • Clarence Holbrook Carter (1904-2000) Courtesy of Jennifer Stattleman • Genie Castro • Elliot Debruyn • Anne Decoster • Rita Kirsch Dungey • Andrew Faulkner • Brad Geiken • Kei Gratton • Kate Hartfiel • Hiroshi Hosomi Courtesy of Jennifer Stattelman • Samuel Johnson • Michael Kareken • Chris Larson • Michael Manzavrakos Courtesy of Anonymous Donor • CL Martin '05 • Jesse Matthew Petersen • Angie McMonigal • Miles Mendenhall • Jenny Monick • Bob Nugent Courtesy of Jennifer Stattelman • Patricia Olson '98, MFA • Bill Phelps • Jon Renzella '06 • George Roberts • Anika Schneider '19, MFA • Mark Schoening • Dietrich Seiling Courtesy of William B. Thorburn • John Snyder Courstey of William B. Thorburn • Marilyn Stevens • Jonathan Thunder • Suyao Tian '17, MFA • Roman J. Verostko, Professor Emeritus • Robert Whitman • Peter Williams '75 (1952-2021) Courtesy of Eric Firestone Gallery • CAW (Chris Williams) '07 • Karen M. Wirth, Professor Emeritus • Kate Worum '11 • Mieko Yamazaki, PBACC '01

Alumni Roll Call

Thank you to our devoted alumni volunteers who gave their time and talents in support of the MCAD community this year. Your efforts are integral to the success of MCAD students.


Nancy Rice '70
Dan Ploof '17
Katrin Loss '00
Christian Aguilar '21
Kris Musto '99
Julianna Danielson '17
Luke Chen '15
Rhea O'Connor '08
Rosa Gastelum '21
Nathan Riebel '22
Kayla Campbell MFA, '16
Sam Jamison '21
Anita White '74
Isabel Gloss '20
Anh Tran '21
Jodi Reeb '95
Roshan Ganu, MFA '20
Melissa Rands '97
annual report


"Getting the opportunity to go to MCAD has been incredible. I feel so incredibly welcomed and valued for my input and skills. I have made so many new friends and connections in the past two years and that wouldn't be possible without your generous contribution." – Comic Art, Sophomore

Honor and Memorial Gifts

annual report

Thank you to our donors who created a meaningful tribute to a friend, family member, or loved one. This is a profound way to honor a special person while supporting MCAD’s mission.

In Memory of Danielle Miles
Sharon Teska
Carol and Jim Eubanks
Jeffrey Klone
Kari A. and David E. Augdahl
Smithmier Family Giving Fund of
        The Minneapolis Foundation
Darren Miles
Krista Klander

In Memory of Don Bajus ‘54
Kimberly and Robert Boisvert
Kelly McManus
Jake Parker
Harriet Norgren
N C Huble, Jr.
Beverly W. Sandbaken
Segall Bryant & Hamill
Margaret Walwyn
Angelos and Terryle Siderakos

In Memory of Former MCAD President
G. Richard ‘Dick’ Slade
Helen Hartfiel and William F. Hartfiel, Jr.
Ann L. and Bruce G. Mars
Lucy and Stanley Shepard
Helen Mairs and Robert Mairs
Patrick Butler
Charles Malkerson
Mary and Dusty Mairs
Linda Brooks
Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Foundation
Judy and Malcolm W. McDonald Family
        Charitable Fund Fidelity
Margaret Billings
Mary E. Reidhead
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Gary Reetz
Catherine Jordan
Kinji Akagawa ‘68
Nancy Eustis
Frederick Winston


In Memory of Gertrude Janssen Willius
Ernest and Sarah Lehmann Family Fund

In Memory of Peter Seitz
JandB Korein Fund of Fidelity Charitable
        In Honor of Kate O’Rourke
Julie A. Jurrjens

In Memory of Lars Mason
Carolyn J. Swiszcz ‘94 and Wilson R. Webb ‘95

In Memory of Charles R. Weber
Caroline Lilienthal

In Memory of Gregory Garwick
Kristin Garwick

In Honor of Nate Flink
Margot and Alexander Rosenstein

In Honor of Rob Dewey
Emily Kessler and Aaron Rupar
Annette M Langford
Louis W. and K. M. Accola
Barbara and James Merten
Mary C. and Fredrick Bliss

In Memory of Janice Peterson Gelatt
Kirk Gelatt

In Memory of Lois Heim
Allison Long ‘04

In Memory of Crist Delmonico
Roberta Kitlinski

In Memory of Harry F. Hauck, Jr
Linda and George Chryssomallis  

In Memory of John Slorp
Susan and James Hoseth

In-Kind Gfts

annual report

Donations of goods and services help to relieve MCAD’s annual budget. Thank you to the individuals and businesses who have made a gift to MCAD.

Cy DeCosse '52 and Paula DeCosse
Debbie and David* Andreas
American Drapery Systems
Catlan McCurdy
James Ireland Baker
Karen M. Wirth
Blu Dot
Lynn Phelps
Andrew C. Allen
Harriet J. Pratt
Christopher Kimble
James G. Madson '87


Named Endowment Funds
for Programs and Operations

annual report

Distinguished Benefactors
Funds of $2,500,000+

Dorothy M. Lindeke Fund 
Ralph Whelan Trust

Leadership Benefactors
Funds of $1,000,000 +

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund
Ford Foundation Faculty Development Fund
Thomas F. Wallace Memorial Fund

Major Benefactors
Funds of $500,000–$999,999

Jean B. McHugh Fund

Patron Benefactors
Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Anonymous Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bennett Fund
Alden C. Buttrick Fund
Richard and Isobel Gale Fund
Eleanor F. Pillsbury Fund
Minneapolis Clearing House Association Fund

Funds of $100,000–$249,999

3M Foundation FundAnne and
        Hadlai A. Hull Fund
Cargill Foundation Fund
Carolyn McKnight Christian Fund
Mrs. John H. Daniels Fund
John S. Slorp Teaching Fellowship Fund
Putnam D. McMillan Art School Fund 
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fund


Associate Benefactors
Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Betty Bean Flinsch College Convocation Fund
Don Bajus MCAD Animation Innovations Program
Elizabeth Hale Fund
Elizabeth H. Washburn Fund
Elsie and Mauritz Westmark Fund
F. A. Bean Foundation Fund
Gary L. Rockler Endowed Equipment Fund
Gretchen Field Pillsbury Fund
Mary R. Slater Fund in Memory of
        Wallace and Lillian Reinhardt
Mr. and Mrs. John Cowles Sr. Fund
Northwestern Bell Telephone Fund
Stanley W. Dwinnell Fund
Stella J. Hawkinson Fund
Target Corporation Fund
Virginia and James H. Binger Fund 
Star Tribune Fund
Target Foundation Fund

Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Edith E. Johnson Fund
Leonard G. and Geraldine Carpenter Fund
Munsingwear Inc. Fund
Piper Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maslon Fund
Fjelstul ’96 Visiting Artist Fund
George H. Christian Memorial Fund
Grace Bliss Dayton Fund
Honeywell Foundations Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pillsbury Fund
Phillips Family Foundation Fund
Southways Foundation Fund
Sumner T. McKnight Foundation Fund
Xcel Energy Fund
Peter Seitz Legacy Design Scholarship

Named Endowment Funds For Scholarships

annual report

Leadership Benefactors
Funds of $1,000,000 +

MCAD Associates Scholarship Fund

Major Benefactors

Class of 1978 Merit Scholarship Fund
Dean Wilson Art of Making Scholarship Fund
Donna and Cargill MacMillan Jr. Scholarship Fund
Ford Foundation Scholarship Fund
Friends of the College Scholarship Fund
Roy B. Justus Scholarship Fund
Winifred and Atherton Bean Leadership Scholarship Fund 

Patron Benefactors
Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Athwin Foundation Bachelor of Science Scholarship Fund
Clinton and Mary Morrison Leadership
        Scholarship Fund
George H. Halpin Memorial Fund
Ida Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean and Glenn Brooks Scholarship Fund
Lee Lynch and Terry Saario Entrepreneurial
        Studies Scholarship Fund
Paula and Cy DeCosse ’52 Scholarship Fund
R. Thomas Gunkelman and Gaylord Benson
        Scholarship Fund 
Virginia M. Binger Merit Scholarship Fund
Corey Sauer Scholarship Fund*

Funds of $100,000–$249,999

Alice Batzli Scholarship Fund
Andrea Thoe Nasset Memorial Scholarship Fund
Beth Ann Lundin ’93 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bell Visualization Scholarship Fund
David and Debra Andreas Scholarship Fund
Ella Pillsbury Crosby Scholarship Fund
Frank Austin Carl Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary L. Rockler Scholarship Fund
General Scholarship Fund
John Garrigan ’62 Scholarship Fund
Larry Schoenecker Scholarship Fund
Michael Guy Sweet ’89 Scholarship Fund
The Open Door Scholarship Fund
Patricia B. Saunders Scholarship Fund
Roberto Matta Scholarship Fund
Roman and Alice Verostko Scholarship Fund
Shirley and Miles Fiterman Scholarship Fund
Tom and Phyllis Colwell Mentoring
        Scholarship Fund
MCAD Art Sale Scholarship Fund
Associate Benefactors
Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Abby Weed Grey Scholarship Fund
Alexei Tylevich ’94 Scholarship Fund
Bob and Gerry Nehotte ’62 Scholarship Fund
Business and Industry Scholarship Fund
Darwin and Geri Reedy Scholarship Fund
Edmund J. Phelps Scholarship Fund
Edward M. Johnson Art Scholarship Fund
F. McGovan Scholarship Fund
Gail Blake Scholarship Fund
Gary and Mary K. Stern Supporting
        Scholarship Fund
Jean Bender Schutz ’61 Scholarship Fund
Kate O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kent and Judy Hodder Media Scholarship Fund
Little & Co. Merit Scholarship Fund
MCAD Alumni Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Paul A. Brooks Fund
Next Generation Scholarship Fund
President Michael O’Keefe Scholarship Fund
Robert L. and Sharon G. Ryan Scholarship Fund
Sharon Baver ’76 Scholarship Fund
Susan Calmenson Scholarship Fund
Thomas White ’90 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Travelers Inc. Scholarship Fund
Virginia M. Binger Arts Scholarship Fund
Warren Moen ’49 Scholarship Fund
Winton Jones Scholarship Fund
Kinji Akagawa Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies
MacMillan Scholarship Fund
MB Condon and Tim Young Scholarship Fund**

Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Aribert and Joan Munzner Scholarship Fund
Arthur R. Gruber ’32 Scholarship Fund
Birney Quick ’51 Scholarship Fund
Black Leadership Award
Gary Fink Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
George Morrison ’43 Memorial Scholarship Fund
John and Betsy Massie Scholarship Fund
Kelley Lynch Eternal Optimist Scholarship Fund
MFA 2020 Scholarship Fund
New Horizon Scholarship Fund 
Patricia Kennedy Crump Memorial
        Scholarship Fund
Paul Olsen Scholarship Fund
Vince Leo Scholarship Fund
Karen M. Wirth Scholarship Fund


*Fund has moved up in value category
**Newly established fund


annual report

Board of Trustees
Hunter Palmer Wright, Co-Chair
Mark D. Pihlstrom, Co-Chair
Greg C. Heinemann, Immediate Past Chair
Chris Barry, Vice Chair
M.E. Kirwan, Vice Chair
Kobby Appiah ‘11
Laura Austrian
Brian Childs
Martha Dayton
Tara K. Dev
Elliot Felix
Greg Hoffman ’92
Batala McFarlane
Marion Parke
Todd Paulson
Ken Piper
Roderic Southall
Rajiv Tandon
Neil Tuli
Rosemary Ugboajah
Greg Van Bellinger

Trustees by Virtue of Office
Sanjit Sethi, President

Life Trustees
Bruce W. Bean
Susan Calmenson
Cy DeCosse ’52
Clinton H. Morrison
Atherton Bean*
Charles Bell*
Philip Harris*
Clinton Morrison*


Trustees Emeriti
David Andreas*
Gail Blake
Patricia Bratnober Saunders
William Byars
Thomas Colwell
John Cuningham
Sheridan Fenwick*
Shirley Fiterman
Michael Halvorson ’66
Paul Hile
Kent Hodder
Wayne Huelskoetter
Dean Koutsky ’57
Larry Lamb
James Larson
Mary Ash Lazarus
B. John Lindahl
Ken Lindgren*
Lee Lynch
Betsy Massie
Bradley Nuorala
Dwight Oglesby
Brian Palmer
Paul Pesek
Craig Rice
Jim Ryman ’65
Terry Saario
William Sands
Diana Scheff
Rachael Scherer
Gary Stern
Missy Staples Thompson
Hideki Yamamoto
Sue Zelickson


Professors Emeriti

annual report

Kinji Akagawa ’68
Jerry Allan
Patricia Allred
Rebecca Alm
Philip R. Anderson
Hazel Belvo
David Nye Brown*
Kevin Byrne
Tom DeBiaso
Frank W. Dreisbach
Elizabeth Erickson
Carole Fisher ’64
Hazel K. Gamec ’67
Tom Garrett ’79
David Goldes
Phebe D. Hanson*
Phil Larson


Vince Leo
Frenchy Lunning
Mary McDunn
Lynda Monick-Isenberg
Russell Mroczek*
Ari P. Munzner
David H. Novak ’76
Paul R. Olsen ’48*
Thomas Pope
Birney Quick ’51*
Peter Seitz*
Dick O. Shaw
Roman J. Verostko
Ruth Voights
Dean Wilson
Karen M. Wirth


"The wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated at MCAD has been invaluable. I will forever be grateful for the support I’ve received from my peers and teachers. I will forever be grateful for your help in earning my degree!" – Fine Arts, Senior

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annual report

MCAD acknowledges the preceding donations and support received between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023. Every attempt has been made to be accurate. If you discover omissions, misspellings, or other errors, please accept our apologies and bring the error to the attention of the Institutional Advancement Office by emailing Jordyn Brennan at jbrennan@mcad.edu.

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