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Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation (in person)

Learn the basics of stop-motion animation, covering frame by frame techniques and basic concepts of this traditional and very hands-on style of animation.

This class provides an eye opening experience into a classic technique. The instructor shares behind-the-scenes videos of animations that use stop-motion animation techniques, as students dig into the fundamentals of animation by learning about frame rate and basic animation principles, such as squash and stretch, ease-in/ease-out, anticipation, and more. Students learn how to create animations with different materials, such as paper and everyday objects to tell a story. By the end of class, students will have filmed, added sound and edited a short animation with a small group of students. Students have an opportunity to watch all the animations together at the end of class and share the finished work online. / Material fee $15 included in course tuition.

Open to students ages 12-15. MCAD strictly adheres to these age guidelines and is unable to allow exceptions. Please review our complete Teen Policies as well as our General Policies prior to completing your registration.

Required supplies

Pen or pencil; notebook or sketchbook.
The material fee for this class will cover the materials needed.


Contact MCAD Continuing Education at or call 612.874.3765.


Non-credit Tuition
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    9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. CST
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    Open to students ages 12-15.
  • Term:
    Summer 2024
  • Instructor: Merit Thursday
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    In Person
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    CST 9336 01 SU24