Work by Peter Williams - a vibrantly colorful abstract painting featuring a Black man being embraced by another figure
Work by Peter Williams

Peter Williams ’75 has been named this years recipient of the Artists’ Legacy Foundations Artist Award. The $25,000 award recognizes outstanding visual artists, primarily in the fields of painting and sculpting. 

“I am deeply honored to be a recipient of this distinguished award," Williams stated. "It is the validation of forty years of work, representing people of color in my art. My interest in Black culture stretches back to Africa and its culture, and to Afro-futurism in my latest body of work.”  

Williams is known for his vivid paintings that center on themes of racism, incarceration, slavery, police brutality, and contemporary culture. Intentional use of color is prominent in his works, which are further influenced by other mediums such as cartooning, poster art, and the art-historical canon. 

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