Precious Wallace
Precious Wallace

Precious Wallace ’17, founder of King P. Studio, is hoping to get more young artist of color into the arts through media and print.

Wallace is partnering with a non-profit building a curriculum for young artists that engages them through pattern making, asemic lettering, and graphic design. She wants to work with underrepresented children to create a love language through art. Through the process, she will be making prints of their art and creating a final book. Both the prints and the book will be available for purchase and a portion of sales will go towards supporting various non-profits.

For the project, Wallace is seeking funding through iFundWomen to help pay for printing, materials and programming, studio space, and travel between cities and states to share the experience.

"I want to expand in a way that we, as community, can plant seeds when a child is young to know they matter, art matters, and they can win!"

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