Verdict Announced

Dear MCAD Community,

With the verdict announced, I want to underscore that regardless of the outcome, this event was a tragedy; nothing will bring back the life of George Floyd. Minneapolis must continue to confront its racial history with urgency and intention. 

With community emotions high, we want to make sure everyone stays safe and supported:

  • We encourage you to reach out to campus resources if needed: 
  • We support peaceful demonstrations. 
  • We condemn violence of any kind by anyone. 
  • We express our collective sympathy for the Floyd family, the Black community, and our city. 
  • We honor and uplift artists from all backgrounds who are voices for justice and peace. 

I hope you take this time to reach out to your friends, family, and loved ones to care for each other. We need human connectivity and presence now more than ever before. 

With wishes of peace and wellbeing,