Trial & Deliberations

Dear MCAD Community,

I want to reach out at this pivotal juncture in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, while we await the jury’s upcoming deliberations and decision. Like many of you I feel the palpable tension of this moment and am deeply worried about our interconnected communities. I know that this decision will not heal the heartache from the death of George Floyd and others who have perished needlessly at the hands of law enforcement. Regardless of the trial’s outcome, we need to be prepared for more emotional upheaval and to offer community care. 

We need to acknowledge the pain and anguish that George Floyd’s family has experienced from this senseless tragedy. Over the past weeks as we have followed this trial, we have relived the horrific last moments of his life. It comes with a bitterness knowing that justice for George Floyd was due to him well before his death. 

I want to recognize the specific and raw emotions felt by our Black community members. As we are searingly aware from the recent death of Daunte Wright, this crime against yet another Black man by a member of law enforcement does not stand in isolation and cries for systemic and significant change.

I applaud those of you who stand for equity and actively fight against racist policies, laws, and behaviors. It will take all of us, especially those in positions of power and privilege, to rectify the wrongs that are an indelible part of our society. 

My hope is that we can be peaceful, yet vocal and steadfast agents of change in our collective efforts to eliminate systemic, racist crimes against our fellow citizens of color. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Peace is not simply the absence of conflict, but the existence of justice for all people.”

Best to you all,