Stephen Rueff
Stephen Rueff

An article written by MCAD faculty Stephen Rueff has been published in the Journal of Arts Entrepeneurship Education.

The article, Creative Freedom: Arts Entrepenuership as a Mindset explores the values of empathy and observation, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and the culture of critique. It was included in Issue I, Vol. 2 of the Journal of Arts Entrepenuership Education publication. The article is available to read for free online.

The Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education is the flagship periodical of the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education. The magazine provides a platform for scholars and practitioners to explore the conceptual, pedagogical, philosophical, and historical foundations of the field, while striving illuminate the connections between arts production, education, policy, and business disciplines.

Rueff is the co-founder of SuperMonster市City!, a venture celebrating monsters, superheroes, and villains through museum exhibits, books, and more. 

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