Great Sand Dunes by Rowan Pope
Great Sand Dunes by Rowan Pope

Faculty members Rowan and Bly Pope are showing over twenty-five drawings and paintings in an exhibition called the Sky and the Earth, held at the Burnet Gallery.

Bly and Rowan are twin brothers dedicated to the creation of meticulously-crafted fine art and poetry. As part of their photorealistic process, they sometimes employ a grid system for larger drawings, and draw from a photograph that is printed to the same size as the drawing. From there, the process is just a visual translation, looking back and forth between the drawing and the photo and building up layers.

The Sky and the Earth
December 6–January 18
The Burnet Galley (Wayzata)
Opening reception: Friday, December 6, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

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