Illoshow 3: Remix
Illoshow 3: Remix

Illoshow 3: Remix, featuring several MCADians, opens tonight at Solid State Vinyl.

For the show, each of the artists featured chose an album cover as a starting point for a new piece of art.

Participating artists:

Roshan Ganu, MFA student
Shannon Brady ’11, MFA
Aaron DeYoe, faculty member
Katie DeYoe ’10
Zachiariah Mathre ’14
James O'Brien, faculty member
Ryan Peltier ’06
Dawn Yang, MFA student
Jeffrey Mooridian Jr. ’18
Xiaojie Liu ’18, MFA
John Valko ’18

Illoshow 3: Remix
January 11—March 29
Solid State Vinyl
Opening Reception: Friday, January 11, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

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