3D Print by Brad Jirka

Faculty Brad Jirka and his wife/collaborative partner Katherine Jones are the Growler's featured artists of January 2019. 

Jirka discusses his passion for sculpting, whether hands-on or digitally fabricated. While hands-on execution to Jirka is "an unbeatable experience," 3D printing has become a more efficient practice to him that has allowed more exploration. He finds being able to ideate and receive an end-product more quickly to be refreshing. In his work, he uses common materials uncommon in the art world.

Jirka also gave input in another article in the same issue of the Growler about 3D printing's redefinition of art. The article features interviews with current student Zachery North and faculty member Don Myhre. 

“The art world in general is accepting of change, even if there is some grumbling. Some people worry that you lose the artist’s ‘hand’ in the artwork. But then they see exhibits where the 3D printing is used as a tool—an invisible component, often with analog tools—and the artist’s hand is there.” —Jirka

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