Work by Jonathan Herrera

Jonathan Herrera Soto ’17 is the curator behind the performance-based program at the Walker Art Center MN Artists Presents: Jonathan Herrera Soto. New work by Candice Davis ’18, Nancy Julia Hicks ’18,  and J. H. Shuǐ Xiān in collaboration with Dua Saleh will be featured in the exhibition.

Herrera Soto proposes that the gallery represents a magnification of the body and a miniaturization of society. The performance-based artworks in this program examine the operations of power, as it is embedded in physical and conceptual space and imposed on marginalized bodies. How does a museum create spaces of "inexpressibility" in order to quell politicized narratives? How does the politicized body experience pain inflicted by the institution?

MN Artists, the Walker’s platform for local artists, brings its online network live and into the museum. The series returns for a third year, with multi-faceted events designed by guest curators Anat Shinar and Amal Rogers, CarryOn Homes, and Herrera Soto.

MN Artists Presents: Jonathan Herrera Soto
November 7, 5:00 p.m.
Walker Art Center

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