Work by Kate Brennan Hall
Work by Kate Brennan Hall

Kate Brennan Hall ’85 is showing pieces from her daily practice in her exhibition, Playful Investigations, at Hearst Center for the Arts.

“For 100 consecutive days, I created a new piece of art and posted it on Instagram every day,” Hall told The Courier. "These illustrations reflect my eclectic view of life, the music I listen to, the books I read, portraits of people in my life.”

As a professional illustrator and printmaker, Hall enjoys the challenge of working with deadlines and parameters from clients. But for her to have longevity as a maker, it’s important to keep going back to that feeling from childhood—the act of playing and experimenting without an end goal in sight: just pure exploration.

Playful Investigations
April 16-May 16, 2021
Hearst Center for the Arts (Cedar Falls, IA)

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