Excerpt from Ghost Slappers by Mad Sparrow
Excerpt from Ghost Slappers by Mad Sparrow

This was a great week for MCAD's comic art program, with a spot on Eyewitness News (KSTP) and program founder Barb Schulz chatting with Minnesota Public Readio (MPR) about the rise of the graphic novel.

KSTP credited MCAD with "playing a major role" in the comic book industry as one of the first colleges in the nation to offer such a degree program. "If you walk into any comic shop in the world, I'm confident you would see an MCAD graduate on the shelf," said faculty member Robert James Algeo. Mad Sparrow ’18 also spoke with KSTP, noting that MCAD not only teaches "the art side of comic books, but the business side as well."

Over on MPR, Schulz and Rob Kirby joined in on a discussion about the changing nature of the graphic novel. Although this industry has been "long dominated by male readers and superheroes," the genre is shifting and expanding to better represent women and girls, people of color, LGBTQ characters and experiences, and nonfiction. The conversation was sparked by Jerry Craft's New Kid receiving the prestigous John Newberry Medal in children's literature–the first graphic novel to do so.

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