Interactive 7 (still) by Naomi Chan
Interactive 7 (still) by Naomi Chan

An interactive background by Naomi Chan ’17 is currently featured on the homepage of p5.js's website. P5.js is a javascript library that makes coding accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners.

Chan is also featured in an interview during which she describes switching her focus from photography to web and multimedia, exploring her identity as an Asian-American, and her politically influenced art. She began coding at the end of high school but was "in and out of it" for a few years. While at MCAD, she decided it was time to take some classes and really learn how to incorporate code into her practice. She says she was inspired to pursue coding because of her friends and different web designs that she saw and wanted to know how to make.

Chan is the artist behind several of the fun, and often interactive, backgrounds on MCAD's website.

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