Red Exit by Andrea Carlson
Red Exit by Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson ’05, MFA, has a new piece on display that is part of a series of public art installations presented by the Whitney Museum and High Line Art.

In her new work, Red Exit, Carlson (b. 1979, Grand Portage Ojibwe) presents a panoramic seascape informed by ideas of re-creation and renewal. Through her images, which take shape as a continuous wake pattern, she invokes moments of resistance and empowerment. Symbols of Native advocacy come together in a gesture of reclamation, creating new narratives of Indigenous experience in North America.

While Red Exit confronts the ongoing erasure of Indigenous cultures, it is, in the Carlson's words, a celebration of “the place we (Native People) reserve for ourselves... places of joy amidst removal, exclusion, and attempted assimilation.”

Carlson will also be in conversation with fellow artist SANTIAGO X (Koasati and Hacha'Maori) about their shared interests in land and Indigenous Futurisms.

Red Exit: Andrea Carlson and SANTIAGO X in conversation
April 22, 2021
5:00 p.m. CDT
Online (Register for free)

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