Push by Amelia Biewald

Amelia Biewald '99 is showcasing work in the exhibit The Curious Case Of Mary Toft. Biewald creates large provocative installation worlds while maintaining an incredible level of craft.

Her drawings, which made for future installations, provoke wonder, desire, a potential for menace, or even bawdy humor to provide a unique new look into multi-layered environments. She recreates intrigues, telling stories about the confluence of myth, history, science, and scandal based on extensive research into both historical narratives and physical materials.

For The Curious Case Of Mary Toft, Biewald recreates a bizarre true story from eighteenth century England where rumor and superstition clash with science and medicine, fueling media frenzy and political disruption. With comedic playfulness, Biewald intertwines fact and fiction blurring the boundaries between possible and impossible. She creates bucolic worlds tinged with mystery, imagination, and eerie beauty.

The Curious Case Of Mary Toft
January 5–27
Rosalux Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 5, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

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