SUPER Mega Pretty Preteen Witchcraft Slumber Party Sleepover by Sarah Everson
SUPER Mega Pretty Preteen Witchcraft Slumber Party Sleepover by Sarah Evenson

Shun Jie Yong ’18, MFA, Sarah Evenson ’16, and Jade Herrick ’14 have been awarded the Jerome Book Arts Fellowship. 

The Jerome Book Arts Fellowship was rife with familiar MCAD faces this year. Faculty member Tricia Heuring was one of the three jurors this year, trusted because of her diverse perspectives and expertise. Heuring is a curator, arts organizer, and educator. Her curatorial practice is balanced between individualized support for emerging artists and building systemic change in the nonprofit arts sector. 

Yong is a portrait photographer who documents immigrants and refugees in the United States and Malaysia. For his Jerome Fellowship project, Yong will create an interactive installation honoring immigrants and refugees in their work environments in order to share stories, connect communities, and provide a sense of belonging for himself. 

Working collaboratively under the name RUMTUM, gender-variant artists Evenson and Herrick create zines, prints, and posters celebrating the joy and playfulness of queer identity. RUMTUM will publish a quarterly artists’ zine in service of queer, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people. Their zines will include original text and imagery that explore the body as a fluid, changeable space and communicate nuanced perspectives and empower the LGBTQA+ community.

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