Adam Dargan
Adam Dargan gives us the inside scoop on interning for Fallon Worldwide.

Photos by Fallon and Chris Lacourciere

Being a sophomore at MCAD, there are a number of graduation requirements looming just over the horizon.

One of them, completing an internship, can be a source of anxiety for some students. I myself was under the impression that completing an internship would be a long, arduous, and unrewarding endeavor. However, after I got to sit down with Adam Dargan and he told me about his internship and how fun it was, I realized that internships might actually be pretty great.

Dargan curling with fellow interns | Image by Fallon

Hey Adam, it's great to meet you! So, what is your life at MCAD like?

I am currently entering my senior year as an animation major. My favorite thing about MCAD is the cooperation between majors. Some of my closest friends are designers and illustrators which always makes it nice to bounce ideas off of them and gain new perspectives.

What was your internship like?

My internship was intense, fun, and a lot of hard work. 

Snowy fun shooting social media content for Truvia | Image by Fallon

How did you get your internship?

I was pressured by a friend to attend MCAD's internship fair. I showed up with my laptop and presented my demo reel to several different employers.

Who did you end up interning for?

I worked as an animator/editor for Fallon Worldwide, an advertising agency, in their post-house. The company has over a hundred people working which makes it a very fast environment. It was hard to keep up at first!

Was balancing work and school difficult?

During my internship, my only other class was an independent experimental animation class. Throughout the semester I was able to work on an animated film and also led an animation workshop at the Walker Art Center.

Dargan leads an animation workshop at the Walker | Image by Chris Lacourciere

How did you get to and from your internship?

Fallon provided me with a bus pass so I usually took the bus. The Fallon offices are located downtown. Their offices are on the 23rd through 25th floors and have a great view of the city!

Fallon on Instagram

What was your schedule like on a daily basis?

The internship was full-time. I usually worked forty to sixty hours a week. My daily schedule consisted of attending meetings, ideation on projects, and hanging out with the other interns. I also animated and edited videos.

What kinds of tasks did you complete daily, and what were some of the larger projects you did?

Daily tasks included product photo shoots, video editing, and animation. I enjoyed working on Loctite's social media page for the Superbowl and the Tiko 3D printer video. Throughout the internship all eight of us interns had to complete assignments. This included writing a paper on advertising, performing a "TED Talk" before the agency, and creating a video summing up our experience of the internship.

Dargan performing a "TED Talk" | Image by Fallon

How has your experience been helpful to your artistic and professional life?

My internship was definitely helpful. It pushed me to the edge by throwing me in the gears of a huge company. It didn't feel like an internship and my supervisors were very clear that the work was as real as it gets.

What was your favorite part about your internship?

My favorite part of my internship was working on the Children's Defense Fund's Beat the Odds project. The team that worked on the project was invited to attend a fundraising gala which was a lot of fun!

Dargan taking part in the polar plunge | Image by Fallon

The CMO of the company also forced the interns to partake in the polar plunge and create a video documenting it. This is the video I edited!


Thanks Adam, "winterning" with Fallon sounds really rewarding!
See more of Adam's work on his website and on Instagram.