COVID-19 and MCAD | Minneapolis College of Art and Design


MCAD is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all members of the community. Faculty, staff, and students are MCAD’s most important priority. The collective goal is to enable everyone to work, learn, and live in the safest place possible. The threat from COVID-19 is not over, and it continues to affect everyone in different ways.


Students attending in-person classes who are fully vaccinated*


Employees working or teaching in-person who are fully vaccinated*


Total number currently in isolation/quarantine at MCAD due to positive test results


Population in isolation/quarantine at MCAD due to positive test results


Total cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at MCAD for the 2022/23 Academic Year 

Total Population: 1019

Last updated: May 8, 2023 at 6:39 a.m.

Vaccination Policy

*In order to be considered 'fully vaccinated' at MCAD, individuals must be up-to-date with their initial vaccination(s) and booster shot, as recommended by the CDC and MDH. 

A person is considered 'fully vaccinated' two weeks after they receive a second Pfizer or Moderna shot and up to five months from the date of their second shot. A person is considered 'fully vaccinated' two weeks after they receive their Johnson & Johnson shot and up to two months after the date of the shot. When the time periods have elapsed, a person must receive a Covid booster shot to maintain a 'fully vaccinated' status.

Staff, faculty, or students who do not meet and submit their 'fully vaccinated' status will not be able to enter any MCAD building, even as a guest or visitor. Accommodations for a medical exception can be made through the Student Affairs Office and Human Resources Office.  

While fully remote students, staff, or faculty are not required to participate in this policy, they are highly encouraged to seek the initial vaccination and booster shot. 

Mask Policy

Based on current transmission rates in Hennepin County and CDC/MDH guidelines, all MCAD community members are encouraged to wear masks, but not required, except in certain circumstances outlined below. This policy is subject to change and meant to provide guidance; it may not address every specific situation. 

Masks are required in:

  • All forms of instruction regardless of where these take place (i.e., classrooms, labs, studios, hallways, etc.)
    • Faculty-led classes
    • Faculty-led demonstrations
    • Staff-led demonstrations
    • Staff-led tutoring
    • Staff-led technical instruction and support
  • ‘High-density’ events with non-MCAD guests in attendance.
  • Resident Student Van Trips

Masks are encouraged, but not required, in:

  • Dorm and apartment areas
  • Halls and corridors
  • Cafeteria
  • Restrooms
  • Office areas 
  • Studio spaces where instruction isn’t occurring. 
  • Outdoor areas
  • All other common areas on campus

In addition to the modified masking policy, we will be increasing the maximum capacity of people who use the MCAD Fitness Center from two to three at any one time. Reservations to use the Fitness Center will still be required through the Places and Spaces scheduling system.

We are also keeping a close watch on the latest trends of Monkeypox. Currently, the CDC and MDH recommend continuing with normal operations, as the risk of transmission is still very low.  But as a matter of caution, MCAD is formulating a response plan if needed.

If anyone begins to display possible COVID-like symptoms or as directed by the MCAD Covid Contract tracer, they are required to wear a CDC/MDH-recommended mask or face covering in all indoor spaces and close-contact outdoor spaces, until it can be conclusively determined they have COVID-19 or not. That person may contact for assistance with testing.