2021 Art Sale Preview | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2021 Art Sale Preview

November 12, 2021
MCAD Art Sale

Jonathan Aller

"[What I'm most excited for with the MCAD Art Sale is] interacting with potential buyers and seeing so many beautiful works."

Male figure study (detail) by jonathan aller

Margaret Barath-Lane

"[I look forward to] seeing what all of my peers have made this time around!"

High Priestess Illustration

Julie Reneé Benda

"I am thrilled and so curious to see how my new body of sculptural narrative work will be received. I am of course very in love with it, as it has such a close connection to who I feel I am today, but also, they are pieces that encapsulate a shared irony, jest, and empathy of commonplace items we all encounter and derive meaning from. It feels like some of my most personal and exciting work yet, and I hope the MCAD Art Sale audience will think so as well."

Collection of Julie's sculptural items

María José Castillo

"[I'm most proud of] my first edition of a riso printed art zine, called Aether Set No. 0."


Inbound print

L. Chapman

"For my own work, I'm very excited for how My Head is Cloudy was completed. It holds onto my type of style of those mixed, muddled yet bright colors in both a saturated and unsaturated form, both playing off of each other. I also am excited about Washed. It's a different type of style that I've been playing with most of this year in preparation for this piece, and it turned out just as I wanted to."

Portrait painting

Portrait painting

Nate Christenson

"It's always fun to put new work in front of an audience and to see what my peers have been working on over the year."

Celtic Cat risograph

Gopher It risograph

Ngoc Doan

"I'm excited for the experience and to check out what my peers are making."

Comic zines by Ngoc Doan

Maggie Dyslin

"[I'm most excited about] the Paper Mario poster—I had a lot of fun illustrating this."

n64 poster

Paper Mario poster

Maxwell Healey

[I'm excited about] getting my work out there and feeling confident in my advancement since attending.

Fairytale illustration

Ngan Huynh

[My favorite thing about the MCAD Art Sale is] putting my works out there and being able to see what my classmates have for sale!"

Snow white illustration

Moon moth clouds

Leah Kehr

"[I look forward to] getting my art into the real world along with seeing my wonderful peers' artworks."

Red bodies drawing by Leah Kehr

Emma Le Konrad

"[I look forward to] seeing all of the incredible artwork! I love seeing year to year the growth of specific artists, specifically shifting from students to alumni."

Stack of ceramic bowls

Stack of ceramic mugs

Jamie Kubat

"[I look forward to] working with my friends/coworkers to bring the Art Sale to life, and seeing how happy everyone is when people buy their art."

Monotype print

Johnny Leighton

"[I look forward to] having my work seen by a larger audience."

Stained glass rose

Emily Lewis

"[I love] seeing the prints and designs I made go out the door."

Lemonzilla illustration by Emily Lewis

Zombie Bride illustration

Naoto Lichtbalu Tepley

[I'm excited] to get my work into the world! 

Mini sculpture

Character sticker


[My favorite thing about the Art Sale is] seeing how far my art can spread! [I'm] also eager to see my friends get to have the opportunity to sell their amazing works.

Portrait painting

Portrait painting

Alex Mack

"My work has changed a lot over the past year and I think that the work I'm putting up for sale this year really reflects that."


Home Zombie Defense 101

Dade Mann

"I think all [my art pieces] speak their own words, some simpler than others. While some speak very loud, some are extremely personal. I'm most excited about showing people the world that I can see."

Photo of birds in the sky

Photo of clouds

Claire McKevitt

"[I look forward to] seeing all the variety in artwork and all the hard work that the students have put in!"

Cowboy stickers

Lily pad picture

Bailey Meadow

"[What I love most about the Art Sale is] loads of people getting to see my work! My biggest wish is that people scope out my Instagram feed and then ask me questions as well. I just love talking to people and hearing what gets them excited!"

Risograph print

Bea Morrow

"I'm looking forward to giving my friends and family an easy and accessible opportunity to pick up some of my art."

Photobook spread of landscapes

Photobook spread of clouds

Armel Mwanatambwe

"I'm looking forward to sharing the stories captured in the artwork with people from different backgrounds."

Mango Tree by Arme Mwanatambwe

Alonzo Pantoja

"There is quite a range of talent, medium and artistic engagement [in the MCAD Art Sale]."

Fibre weaving

Fibre weaving

Alexis Politz

"[What I most look forward to about the Art Sale is] getting to talk and meet the people who buy my art or participate! It's such a lovely experience getting to see why people gravitate towards certain art."

Do not feat uncertainty

I want to be more vulnerable

Liam Porter

"What I am looking forward to the most is being able to have my art in other people’s hands."

Portrait illustration

Photograph of snowy city

Tamar Patterson

Life on Mars photograph

Hannah Rae

"This is my first time participating in the MCAD Art Sale, and I’m excited to share and sell my art in an organized way for the first time!"

Medicinal plants

Abstract illustration

Nathan Riebel

"[I'm excited about the opportunity] to be able to spread my physical work out into the world so others can interact with it."

Print that says "you're amazing!"

Hannah Sether

"I'm excited to see how successful this year will be online nationally!"

Alice in Wonderland 3D render

Tesha Stewart

"I look forward to selling things and seeing some cool art!"

Girl sitting on pancake sticker

Person surrounded by Frogs

Mia Frances Stratman

"[I'm most proud of] my screenprint, Busy Errand Man!"

Busy Errand Man screenprint

Best thing since sliced bread illustration

Chance Tatum

"[I look forward to] all my little products and furniture getting a good home."



Douglas Thoms

"[I look forward to] sharing my work with the community alongside a lot of my friends and peers."

Coffee cup illustration

Illustrated portrait of Lil Nas X

Ellen M. Thomson

"[I look forward to] seeing everyone's art and the excitement of the first day of the sale."

Abstract painting

Abstract painting

Kiley Van Note

"I have been a staff member for ten years and now that I’m a student in the MA in Graphic and Web Design program, I look forward to selling my pieces in this amazing opportunity that MCAD offers! I have been working on throwing ceramics for the past few years and am excited to share them with the MCAD Art Sale community."

Aloe vera in ceramic pot

Cactus in ceramic pot

Michelle Webster

"It's amazing to see all the amazing MCAD produced art in one place—it's incredible."

Ampersand illustration

Ampersand illustration

Riley Wright

"Knowing your art is appreciated by not only you but also an audience, another person, feels surreal. The MCAD Art Sale is wonderful because it's a stepping stone towards creating those bonds with your audience and hopefully, they'll feel the same joy looking at my pieces as I had creating them."

Figure surrounded by swans

Figure with a moth