Application Form

To begin the Pre-College Summer Session application process, you must first complete the online application form. You may submit the application form at any point, even prior to submitting the remainder of your materials. There is no fee to apply until February 10. After February 10 there is a non-refundable $25 application fee.

Previous Pe-College Summer Session graduates who wish to apply again and do not wish to apply for a scholarship need only supply an updated online application and official transcript.

Official High School Transcript

Request an official transcript from your high school well in advance of the application deadline. Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" are not considered official transcripts, nor are copies or online transcripts for individual terms. Homeschool transcripts are welcome—please include classes, curricula, and grades.

Transcripts should be mailed or emailed directly from the high school.

Letter of Recommendation

Send via emailmail, or Slideroom

One letter of recommendation is required from an art instructor, guidance counselor, advisor, or employer in support of your application.

Personal Statement

Upload via Slideroom

Write a one-page personal statement that addresses your creative influences and aspirations. Describe how the Pre-College Summer Session will help you realize your goals.


Upload via Slideroom

Submit five-ten digital images (in .jpg format) of your work that demonstrate both your technical and conceptual skills. If possible, please submit work examples that relate to your chosen major. If you do not have work related to your major, please provide other 2D work examples, such as drawings or paintings.

The best images are those that are properly lit and cropped to the to the size of the image itself. If you do not have a camera or scanner, check with your local high school or art teacher to see if assistance can be provided.

Slideroom allows you to include titles, dates, media, dimensions, and notes. Both still images and time-based works may be uploaded. Images may be viewed and rearranged until the application process is complete. Detailed instructions are found on the site. There is no charge to submit portfolios online. For technical support, email

2018 or 2019 Income Tax Return (Need-Based Scholarship Applicants Only)

Upload via Slideroom

If you wish to be considered for an economic-need-based scholarship that covers your full tuition cost, you must supply a copy of your family’s Form 1040 from 2018 or 2019. The first two pages are sufficient, but the remainder may be supplied if it highlights extenuating circumstances. W-2s are not sufficient. You may also provide a personal statement describing any extenuating financial circumstances not evidenced by the tax form. Copies from 2017 and earlier are not accepted. In order to be considered for an economic-need-based scholarship, you must also apply by the priority deadline of April 20.

All other applicants will be considered for a merit-based scholarship. No tax information is required for this scholarship.

MCAD's Mailing Address

Please use the following address when mailing admissions materials to MCAD.

MCAD Continuing Education: PCSS
2501 Stevens Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404