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An Introduction to Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology (online)

Nature offers boundless inspiration for sustainable design, but how does one access the wealth of biological information available and apply it effectively to design? This course provides an introduction to biomimicry, a discipline that emulates nature's best ideas and blueprints to solve human design challenges sustainably.

Each week is composed of three lessons that follow these main themes: Biomimicry Basics, Observing Nature, and Biomimic’s Design Studio. A typical lesson includes an introduction to the topic, readings, and an ungraded assignment. Course activities include getting outside to explore nature and learning a key biomimicry design concept, and applying that concept to develop a novel biomimetic design. This introductory course is primarily self-directed, with peer-to-peer feedback and engagement. An instructor will be present to facilitate and provide guidance, but individual feedback will be limited.

Open to students ages 18 and above. View complete policies, including mandatory COVID protocols, before completing your registration.

Class meeting details

This online course is asynchronous, meaning that there are no set class meeting times. Instead, the course is project-based, with 2 to 3 deadlines per week, and students can choose a time and place that works best for them to complete the work. Course activities may include readings; video demonstrations and tutorials; online discussions; projects; and critiques.

Required materials


A computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access, a camera, and a microphone for class meetings and to capture and upload work.

Class resources

This class uses Canvas, MCAD’s learning management system. Please see links for more information.


See for a list of required textbooks.

Registration deadline

March 23

If the minimum enrollment is not met by the deadline above, the class will be canceled on this date. Registration will remain open after this date if the minimum enrollment has been met.


Contact MCAD Continuing Education at or call 612.874.3765.


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    Open to students ages 18 and above.
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