The art history minor is medium-inclusive, encompassing the study of objects of fine art, design, and the decorative arts, as well as art historical aspects of material and visual culture.

Topics explored may include iconography, formal analysis, stylistic shifts, biography, the art market, ritual, reception, historiography, museum and gallery displays, critical theory, and the roles and responsibilities of the artist and the exhibition venue.

Through this Minor You Will:

  • Understand theories and methods utilized in art history and their application to the collection and display of art
  • Come to appreciate the relationships between studio practice and art historical traditions
  • Develop a deep familiarity with movements to analyze and evaluate critically chronological and thematic art historical narratives
  • Discuss, analyze, and situate in substantive ways artworks from an array of cultural contexts and historical periods
  • Utilize various theoretical and methodological frameworks to write and speak about art and design, both substantively and critically
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